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Gas to Power & Alternative Energy Sources Conference 2020

This 2-day conference will look into the possibility of using LNG and other energy sources to reduce the burden on coal as the main source of energy in South Africa.


Construction Contracts Management Workshop FIDIC JBCC NEC GCC

CASI Presents a 3 day Accredited workshop. This  workshop covers conditions for international Contracts for civil and industrial projects. These standard contracts are also widely in use in the commercial contracting sector and two of these contracts, FIDIC and NEC4 are used internationally. Sessions run monthly subject to minimum class numbers .

LNG Markets, Arbitrage, Hedging & Risk Management

This 5 –day intensive CASI CA course provides comprehensive contents for participants looking to gain a better understanding of the LNG ( Liquified Natural Gas ) business, and its trading and risk management activities. The course is designed to look at the increasing integration of LNG into global natural gas mix.

Terminal Business & Operations & Technology for Ports and Terminals

CASI Construction Academy presents a combined 4 day event aimed at having a deep understanding of terminal business operations and Learn how technology plays a major role for success of port development and management.

Information technology has become an essential part of the rapid and accurate transfer and processing of enormous volumes of data processed in international transport firms and port organisations.

Dry Bulk Terminals Commercial & Operational Masterclass

CASI presents a  3 day workshop is targeted to provide an overview of Dry Bulk terminals and their role as the most crucial link in logistics supply chain. There is a whole range of Dry Bulk Terminals and Ports from very basic barge loading / unloading systems connecting with anchorage operations to the most modern state-of-the-art bulk loading / unloading terminals depending upon market size and volume to be handled. Ownership, operatorship and commercial aspect also vary based on users’ requirements and risk perceptions.

Off-Site Construction & Modularisation Symposium 2019

Next Session in October < TBA 

Reasons to attend

  • Site Tour : Experience prefab construction in action
  • Cross Industry: Gain insights from building in education, healthcare, hospitality and many more
  • Interactive Sessions: Join us on the journey of Offsite Construction through interactive workshops, presentations, and open group discussions
  • Discover: Technology and Solutions that support efficient collaboration, lean project delivery, and high product quality
  • Networking and Speed Meetings